Middle Level Choral Institute for Teachers


"I've been trying to think of what to say about MLCIT.
I think in a word...transforming! "
Steve Robare, Band and Choral Director






The mission of the Middle Level Choral Institute for Teachers is to provide an atmosphere in which teachers can address the most effective techniques for working with the middle level vocal student. The registrants will be encouraged to share ideas for literature and published methods they have used successfully. Journaling and discussions will foster new ideas. Attendees will encourage and support one another as we set personal goals for our most effective teaching.

This workshop is for experienced and new teachers of public or private schools, and church choirs; and for instrumentalists who want to learn more about choral singing and the voice. The hope is to develop a network among the middle level specialists that will "turn the world around at the middle level."

Sandra Brown Williams

Director, Sandra Brown Williams
Photo by Andy Nelson/The Register Guard

Middle level students will be on site to assist in our study of the voice and to further their own personal growth. The students will help us demonstrate that by focusing on basic principles of musicianship and the giving of our individual gifts, students will not only be attracted but will want to continue their singing.

With the guidance of the competent and inspired teacher, Our middle level singers will aspire to artistry. c. 2003



Dr. Therees Hibbard
University of Nebraska, Lincoln
Movement with OBFYCA






Julie Knowles, Composer







Marlene Murphy






Dr. Anton Armstrong, St. Olaf College
Oregon Bach Festival Youth Choral Academy



Hult Center, Eugene, Oregon













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