Middle Level Choral Institute for Teachers

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I applaud the efforts of Sandra to continue MLCIT molding it into an event that will reach the goal of the institute to turn the world around at the middle level. I came away with new ideas from our reading sessions, inspiration from the other attendees. And, of course, attending the Oregon Bach Festival Youth Choral Academy is always a highlight.

- Molly Fazio






What makes the MLCIT an ideal conference to attend is that everything about it is geared for the specific needs and concerns of teaching middle level. Every time I attend MLCIT I am forced to re-think what I do in my classroom, and I am motivated to make the necessary changes so that our program is in a continual state of consistent improvement and high quality. - Dot Boles

The food was an integral part of our time together because of the fellowship and conversation that took place as we ate together. Marlene Murphy, the head chef, of Chez Marlena's Cafe is an accomplished musician, and thankfully, she loves to cook. - Jerilee Henderson





Julie Knowles totally inspired me! I am now composing, and have even had something published. I also became an adult counselor for the Oregon Bach Festival Youth Academy. - Hope Harrison Cosand


Working with the soloist is an art form
that Sandra has mastered. - Gale Graham



I really enjoyed the workshop. I t was so inspirational and fun, and it was wonderful getting to know that great group of teachers. - Tony Redman







As director of the Institute I am always impressed with the teachers who attend MLCIT and how they inspire one another. These quotes reflect their thinking:

Karen Gibbs
As a music educator, I want my students to leave class everyday feeling better for having been there, experiencing joy in making music together, and feeling satisfaction for having made something beautiful.

Erika Lockwood
Once again, the MLCIT activities reminded me to focus on the bigger picture of middle level choral teaching. Did I reveal the joy of music to the students? Did students make positive changes, as singers and as people? Did we have a personal and musical connection with one another that cannot be replicated anywhere else?

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I actually enjoyed every aspect of MLCIT! - Pam Wiersma

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