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Workshop: Middle Level Choral Institute for Teachers

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Workshop Instructor: Sandra Brown Williams <>

Required materials: 1 binder for journaling (choose style and color)
Staff paper (choose size), pencil, pen, highlighter

Workshop description:
The goal of this workshop is to provide a stimulating environment in which middle level choral teachers can engage in discussions with colleagues about how one can best teach the middle level choral student. The format will include lectures, observations, and a concert. This workshop is for both experienced and less experienced teachers of public and private schools. An important part of this workshop will be to help teachers select appropriate literature for grades 6 - 9. Middle level students will be on site to demonstrate as clinicians discuss vocal and rehearsal techniques. Dr. Anton Armstrong and Dr. Therees Hibbard of the Oregon Bach Festival Youth Choral Academy will be guest clinicians.

As a result of active participation, the registrant will be able to:
Expect to set a new direction for middle level choral training
Learn more about teaching the middle level voice through solo observations
Discover new ideas while observing an on site middle level choir
Read new and old music appropriate for the middle level
Share your expertise with newly trained teachers
Participate in panel discussions
Network with colleagues who teach at the middle level
Observe internationally acclaimed Anton Armstrong, and Helmuth Rilling with the Oregon Bach Festival and
OBF Youth Choral Academy

Course Expectation:
The registrant will attend the entire three (3) days of the workshop, including a concert of the Oregon Bach Festival. Active participation through listening, questioning, note-taking, and/or verbal interaction will be critical for a successful experience. In discussions, respect for conflicting viewpoints and thoughtfulness in sharing during the the limited time available for speaking are expected.

A journal will be kept. Registrants will also submit a paper to be completed within one week of the final session of the workshop. The paper should discuss at least one of the elements of teaching music that is addressed during the workshop. (Rhythm, Movement, Vocal Techniques, Vocal Ranges , Arranging, Literature, or Musicianship.) The registrants will inform the instructor, Sandra Williams, of their topics during the workshop. It is appropriate to choose a topic in which the registrant has a special interest. The journal kept during the workshop can be used for reference and for recording information especially pertinent to the topic. The paper should be typed and at least three pages in length. It can include factual information, observations made during the workshop that will affect the registrant's teaching, original ideas, or lesson plans that address the selected topic.

Registrants are encouraged to bring texts and articles that have been used successfully for teaching at the middle level. Suggested resources for study and use will be available.

The last session will provide an opportunity to reflect on the sessions and concerts attended. Notebooks will be used for reference in setting personal goals for future teaching at the middle level. Suggestions for future workshops for the middle level choral teacher will also be received during the last discussion session. New sessions have been added because of requests from MLCIT attendees.